Human Tribe Project: Healing Health Care Through Social Networks

By Jaclyn Foutz, September 09, 2009

Phoenix, AZ – While politicians continue to debate heath care policy in America, one small business is harnessing the technology behind popular social networking sites and the blogosphere to change the way families and communities address health crises.

Human Tribe Project is the only resource that enables friends and family to unite and quickly bridge the gap between insurance coverage and real costs, while providing emotional support to a sick loved one along the way. According to the American Journal of Medicine approximately 62% of all personal bankruptcies filed in 2007 in the United States were due to medical expenses – nearly 80% of those were filed by people with health insurance. For breast cancer alone, costs for women with insurance coverage average $1,455.00 per month.

After losing close friend Kindra McLennan to a rare form of cervical cancer, Jaclyn Foutz created Human Tribe Project to help patients like Kindra take on both the financial and emotional burdens of a serious illness. Through, Tribe Pages are set-up on behalf of a Beneficiary and include the Beneficiary’s story, telling why funds need to be raised. Friends and family are invited to join the Tribe to financially support their loved one through the purchase of Tribe Tags, and to stay connected through the Tribe’s blog, guestbook, moveable web badges and by inviting others to join.

Tribe Tags – steel charms that can be worn as a necklace or keychain – are the foundation of the project. The tags offer the emotional and financial support to help a loved one through a time of crisis. Tribe Tags are purchased for $20, from which a $15 tax-free monetary gift is paid directly to the Tribe Beneficiary each month. The tag design is inspired by a traditional dog tag, emblematic of a group coming together to overcome a struggle.

Human Tribe Project is not a non-profit organization and differs from many fundraising institutions. Instead of directing money toward research or through a large non-profit requiring extensive administrative and operational costs, Human Tribe Project gives money directly to individuals in need, during their time of need. Unlike most other organizations, one hundred percent of the money gifted through Human Tribe Project goes directly to the individuals in need.

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