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Andrew is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy just before his 4th birthday. We have found some innovative medical treatments that have helped him improve GREATLY in the last year since diagnosed, but they are not covered by insurance and are extremely expensive (currently around $750 per month out of pocket, plus MANY thousands of dollars for specialized treatments). We are doing this on a school teacher's modest salary and it is difficult to say the least. However, the improvements that Andrew has made with these treatments have been rather miraculous, so we will continue to find ways to make them happen. YOUR HELP is critical in that!

You can read more about Andrew's journey at the following website (blog):


On the "How to Help" tab on the blog site listed above, it gives several ways to help. Please see that section if you are interested in helping us to provide Andrew with the most highly functional life possible! One way to help is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! THANK YOU for even considering it!

Here is the direct link:


Purchasing a Human Tribe Project Tag for Andrew from THIS website that you are on is also a WONDERFUL way to help Andrew! The Human Tribe Project folks donate 75% of your purchase back to us for Andrew's medical bills. Isn't that amazing?! The tag will also provide a physical reminder to you to PRAY for Andrew too ...I love it! :) It is so heart warming to us to go somewhere and see someone wearing the tribe tags for Andrew! It brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes just knowing that someone is wearing those tags in honor of my sweet son, my little warrior!

We would love it if you would add Andrew to your prayer list and spread the word to others who you think will pray for him as well. We strongly believe in the power of prayer and we will take all the prayer warriors we can get!

Thank you for your time and consideration of these requests. May God bless you ALL!

With Sincere Gratitude, Kellie and Andrew Burkhart (Sr.), little Andrew's blessed & thankful parents

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